Happy Birthdays for Week of February 9

Posted on September 11, 2019 in: General News

Happy Birthdays for Week of February 9

Birthday Blessings to the following parishioners that celebrate their special day this week. May this Birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories.

Damien Gallegos-2/17

Denise Kidd-2/17
Eric Salas-2/17
Phillip Leslie-2/18

Sean Meier-2/18
Mary Ann Mills-2/18

Julian Cortez-2/19

Virginia Distefano-2/19

Christine Nufer-2/19

Lawrence Sartoris-2/19

David Dejoy-2/20

Mike McCafferty-2/20

Steve Armenta-2/21

Rudy Cordova-2/21

Jordon Heymann-2/21

Trish Romero-2/21

Kristi Dorwart-2/22

Sandra Lucero-2/22

Austin Schau-2/22

Morris Gade-2/23

Raymond Thomas-2/23

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