Pray for our Sick & Hospitalized

Posted on August 15, 2019 in: General News

Pray for our Sick & Hospitalized

Please pray for our sick and hospitalizes: 

Agnes Lucero, Ivan & Louise Roush, Nancy Artus, Melinda Esposito, Bette Mantelli, Mary Ayala, Barbara Brown, Ted Bueno, Rodney Metz, Debra Lopez, Pillie & Connie Lopez, Matthew Smith, Jean Comiskey, Lois Sullivan, Sarah Madison, Susie Sisneros, Isabel Bueno, Sam Keiffer, Carolyn McHenry, Lucy Atencio, Pat Greer, Alexander Gary, Joe Reyes, Mary Ann Niccoli, Jean Scoles, Scott Steven- son, Ruben Bernal, Eloveida Velasquez, Nanci Welte.

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