Becoming Catholic (RCIA)

Becoming Catholic (RCIA)

Parishes welcome new members into the Catholic Church through a process of education, faith sharing, and rituals known as the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). This process includes several stages marked by prayer, study, and discussion. Included in the process are several rites, which take place within the context of the Mass.

Who is welcome to begin the RCIA journey?

  • All people who are open to discerning their personal experience of faith and to learning more about the Catholic Church.
  • Anyone who has a sincere desire to learn, to grow, and to develop one’s relationship with God.
  • Even if you have already received all the Sacraments of initiation you are still more than welcome to join if you are simply looking to learn more about the Catholic faith!

What does the RCIA process involve?

  • The RCIA process is all about growth and change taking place in our hearts and minds so that we can more fully live in relationship with God and each other.
  • It is about deepening our faith and exploring what belief in God means for our lives.
  • It is about becoming a living, breathing, and active disciple of Christ!

How do I get started?

Contact our Director of Missionary Discipleship to set up an initial meeting. The complete process will be explained and tailored where possible on personal circumstances.

The Coming Home Network

This is another great resource and their mission is as follows: “We are a network of Christians who, in our walk with Jesus, found ourselves drawn home to the Catholic Church. We are not here to push, pull, or prod anyone in their discernment, but simply to share our stories and reasons. Whether you are actively in the process of becoming Catholic or are just starting to explore the Church, we welcome you to the Coming Home Network.” Check out the website below for more information!

The Coming Home Network

What can I do now before the meeting?

Check out Fr. Mike Schmitz’s YouTube channel (Ascension Presents) for some quick answers to Catholic beliefs/teachings. Fr. Mike has over 200+ short videos (about 5-10 minutes) on various Catholic topics such as Why Catholics Call Mary Their Mother, What’s the Purpose of Lent, Why Confess My Sins to a Priest, Should Catholics Call Priests Father, and so many more!

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