Ways to Grow Your Faith

Ways to Grow Your Faith

Looking to grow your Catholic faith and to dive deeper into the spiritual life? Check out the resources below or contact our Director of Missionary Discipleship for more resources and for any questions that you might have!

The following attachment is a great resource for learning how to pray with sacred scripture (Lectio Divina). **Include attachment of Lectio Divina

Check out the Amazing Parish Website and register for free online training modules! We especially recommend watching the modules on prayer, evangelization, and discipleship.

Amazing Parish

The Diocese of Pueblo now has a blog site with weekly posts for spiritual growth, as well as great tools on how to share your faith! Check out the TLW Equip website below and subscribe to receive the latest resources!

TLW Equip

Another great Catholic resource to learn more about the Holy Spirit is ‘The Ministry of the Wild Goose.’ They have a free 14-part video series that can be found at the following website: The Ministry of the Wild Goose

Watch the Trailer

We also encourage you to get involved in one of the small group opportunities at St. Pius X, which can be found under the Discipleship Opportunities!

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